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Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality

Millions around the globe know her simply as “Mother.” For more than twenty-five years Mother Angelica has dispensed spiritual wisdom to her international “family” through her lively and often hilarious broadcasts on EWTN. Now Raymond Arroyo, author of the bestselling biography of Mother Angelica, presents an inspiring collection of her powerful spiritual insights, comic musings, and no-nonsense advice for everyone. Culled from never before seen interviews, private lessons, and recorded broadcasts not heard in over thirty years, to which Arroyo had exclusive access, these selections capture Mother Angelica’s spunky spirit and profound wisdom as never before.

Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality reflects the wide-range of the beloved nun’s thoughts and practical teachings. In the book she explores: the purpose of life, pain and suffering, dealing with trials, seeking God’s will in your everyday life, how to pursue inspirations, and much more. Accompanied by original prayers and photographs from Mother Angelica’s private collection, this devotional treasury was created in cooperation with Our Lady of the Angels Monastery. Contained within are the prayers, beliefs, and pithy life lessons that transformed a disabled child of divorce into Mother Angelica, founder and CEO of the world’s largest religious media empire. Packed with real world hope, this little book is sure to make a huge impact on the lives of all who touch it.